Innovative Mobile Edge Computing Solutions

Innovative Mobile Edge Computing Solutions

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  • End-to-end and always-on
  • Plug & Play and ready to go
  • Patented edge computing technology
  • Reduces cost & risk


Innovative Mobile Edge Computing

Key Features

Multi-Space Monitoring

Cost & Risk Reduction

Access Control

Supervise more spaces than ever with less effort than ever.

9 sensors see everything and save a lot of money.

Define who’s in and identify who needs to stay out.

From alarm processing to intervention triggering, our web-based management portal provides an always-accessible and easy-to-use interface – even from mobile devices.

Take full control with our management portal

Increase the quality of your security services and start saving money

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From security provider to shop owner: everyone benefits from a smarter way to secure locations.

The next generation of mobile edge security

“iceDETECT convinced us immediately with its great potential for room and area monitoring. We save around 20% in personnel costs, increased efficiency and are able to handle short term security requests more flexible.”

Marc Böttger, Managing Director

iceDETECT continuously controls an area of up to 30m in 360 degrees with 9 sensors, including radar & passive infrared sensors. In case of unauthorized access, security personnel is alarmed immediately.

Stand-alone monitoring of a defined security area

The security system efficiently combines an edge computer, different monitoring sensors, a specially developed OS and a web-based portal to configure and monitor the activities within the defined area.

Reduce security costs without compromise

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