Innovative Mobile Edge Computing Solutions

Innovative Mobile Edge Computing Solutions

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  • Stand-alone mobile edge computing
  • Gateway for a variety of sensors
  • Collects & processes data locally
  • 24/7 accessibility via web portal


Innovative Mobile Edge Computing

Meet the iceMEC




The iceMEC comes in three different builds and can be installed anywhere.

Our management platform gives you the power to control all data in one place.

An array of sensors and extensions lets custom build exactly the solution you need.

Our iceMECs add digital intelligence to your existing infrastructure and keep pace with today’s fast and ever-changing environment. Growing urbanization and population growth lead to air pollution and a rise in energy demands. Data plays an important role in helping cities and enterprises to analyze and manage these challenges.

Make better decisions and improve the environment

Improve your city’s infrastructure and start saving money.

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The iceMEC is an IoT edge computing gateway that can be installed virtually anywhere, managing infrastructure such as LED lights, sensors, cameras.

It is the base for all our IoT solutions for energy, mobility, security, marketing & tourism, and sensors.

Untap the full potential of edge computing

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Fritz-Klaus Lange, Co-CEO

Get valuable mobility data by capturing the real-time conditions of the road traffic. Access detailed and predictive information about the road users from anywhere. More efficient traffic management can make people's lives more comfortable and contribute significantly to a healthy economy.

Manage and control the traffic flow in your city

With our efficient solution you can optimize the energy performances of your city or enterprise: By implementing our LED-technology and providing your lighting with our management tool, we guarantee a higher energy efficiency and less costs.

Minimize your energy costs

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iceMEC Models

iceMEC S-Box

iceMEC L-Box

iceMEC Cabinet

A stand-alone device to be mounted on exisiting street infrastructure. Our allrounder in the iceMEC range.

Combines sensor applications and LoRa network technology. For installation on free standing poles or rooftops.

This gateway can be easily installed inside existing street lighting power distribution cabinets.

Our mobile edge computer comes in three models to perfectly suit your needs.

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